All the sustainable story starts from the natural love for traditional farming of the founder Mr.Xu,a fartmer’s son,who was born in 1950s and had tasted the earthy fascination of the nature. Mr.Xu was involed in international business from 1980s,meanwhile as the farmer’s son,he was well aware of the importance of maintaining a balance with nature and doing a sustainable agriculture as what his grandfather and father did. In 1996,he learnt the concept of “organic” from a Japanese partner,what recalled his nature love for traditional farming. Under the above backgroud,KAIZE starts its efforts on organic agriculture from 1998 and invested in one dehydrated processing facility and 2 frozen processing facilities from early 2000s.As a pioneer in the organic practice,KAIZE offers a wide range of organic vegetable and spices ingredients, IQF and Dired (AD,FD,SD), to food industries, tea industries and nutrition industries.

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                        we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality products. This includes USDA Organic,Orthodox Union Kosher,Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points(HACCP),Micron2 BRC,BCS Organic

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